Key Advantages of the GreenSun Technology

  • Less Silicon Used
    • GreenSun solar panels are 20% silicon
    • Competing solar panels are 100% silicon
  • Higher Conversion Efficiency
    • The GreenSun panel will have a conversion efficiency rate of up to 20%
    • Standard commercial solar panels have 6% to 17% efficiency rate
  • Thermal Stability – No Cooling Mechanism Needed
    • The GreenSun panel only captures visible light, thus reducing heat pressure on the solar panel and eliminating the need for a cooling mechanism.
    • Standard solar panels require separate cooling mechanisms because they capture all forms of light and thus generate unnecessary heat.
  • Use of Diffused Sunlight – No Tracking System Needed
    • The GreenSun panel uses diffused light instead of direct sunlight to provide more hours of production. This eliminates the need for a tracking system and does not restrict the panels to rooftops.
    • Most standard solar panels use direct sunlight and thus need a separate solar tracking system to constantly align with the sun.
  • Smaller Apparatus Surface
    • GreenSun's technology requires a much smaller apparatus surface in order to produce a given amount of electricity compared to the surface area in existing products.
    • Standard solar panels require large apparatus surface areas
  • Solar Cells Applied on the Side of the Panel
    • GreenSun technology applies individual strips along the edges of glass or plastic modules. Therefore, the GreenSun modules can use segments of cracked or chipped cells without sacrificing results.
    • Standard solar panels technology does not apply solar cells along the sides of panels. Any cracked or chipped cells are discarded without any use.
  • Use of Common Nontoxic Materials
    • GreenSun panels are made of common, nontoxic, and inexpensive materials.
    • Several leading solar panel manufacturers use very rare and toxic materials.

The main difference in comparison to another CPV technologies are:

  • No tracking needed
  • Uses diffused light
  • Has a flat panel
  • Low maintenance
  • Wider market potential
  • Can be easily transformed into different shapes
  • Uses simple non exotic and non toxic raw materials
When comparing it to other solar technologies such as thin film, we demonstrate higher efficiency, lower cost, a fraction of investment for tooling, much simple production process, easier integration in to buildings.
General advantage is the reduction of ROI on solar panels by few folds over any competitor, where our goal is to reduce it below 3 years.
The easily manufactured product will soon have an efficiency of approximately 20% compared to the10% - 16% efficiency found in standard solar panels. Moreover, the product will have a much lower cost per watt compared to solar panels which are currently on the market. The panel will produce 200 watts of electricity and will cost $189 to manufacture ($.94 per watt) compared to existing systems that cost $900 to manufacture and produce only 180 watts ($4.54 per watt). At this price, solar-generated electricity will be competitive with traditional methods and will offer a financially viable alternative to fossil fuels.






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